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photo by Sandra Costello Photography | www.sandralovesyou.com

Last month I had the sweet opportunity to participate in Valley Wed, a curated local wedding show.  Besides it being a beautiful fall day at a quintessential New England apple orchard, the highlight for me was all the open hearted couples I got to meet.  I love hearing about how people are thinking about their weddings and about marriage, about bringing their families together and stepping over a threshold into a new stage of life.  I was grateful to meet so many good souls!

As part of the wedding show, I got to share this interview about me and my work.  I invite you to check it out here.  Here’s an excerpt:

After the wedding, what’s the best compliment you could hear about your work?  There are two compliments I love to hear.  One is when guests ask me how I know the couple.  I usually don’t know the couple outside of being their officiant, but my ceremonies are so personal and real that people often assume I am a dear friend.

Megan Barber Ceremonies

Seth Kaye Photography
The other compliment is when the ceremony brings out laughter and tears.  When I look out at the guests, the wedding party, the couple, and I see people getting choked up, or something in the ceremony gets people laughing hard, that’s when I know that people are fully present in the moment, and that their hearts are open, and that they’re connecting with each other – and that’s what it’s all about.
You can finish reading the interview here!

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