So many things happen to us in the course of our lifetimes.  While we do enjoy some brief moments of relative stability, mostly we keep finding ourselves at transition points: we’re born, we celebrate important birthdays, we become adults, we become parents, we graduate, we change jobs, we get married, we get divorced, we retire, we move, we become elders, we pass away.

I was born with an fervent desire to not miss a single moment of life.  I have always wanted to soak it in!  To feel it all!

And this desire is what I bring to my work as a Celebrant.  By helping people pause to mark, honor, and celebrate the important events of their lives, I share this spirit of “fervent presence”.

Ceremony helps us be present during times of transition.  Holding a ceremony helps us take time to gather our beloveds and to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.  It forces us to slow down, to stop, to really feel what’s happening.

I would love to stand by your side, as your Celebrant, as you fully inhabit your (in the words of Mary Oliver) “one wild and precious life”.

Life transitions you might like to mark with a ceremony include

Mother blessings, honoring expectant parents

Mother Blessing

Ceremonies to welcome children (babies, adoption)
Baby Welcoming Naming Ceremony Vows
Blending families
Coming of age
Milestone birthdays

Milestone Birthday

Family reunions
House blessings

Land Trust Dedication

Midlife passages
Career change


Marking the seasons

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