Gathering Your Community

Barber_shower20120729_27.JPGMany partners are drawn to setting aside time as individuals before the wedding to each pull in their own communities, often with events like bridal showers and bachelorette and bachelor parties.  These events can be powerful ways to ground yourself in the love of family and friends before the big life transition that is your wedding.

But perhaps you want something different, or something more.  Imagine gathering your best people – your friends and your guides – to tell stories, to offer support, to bathe your feet, to tend an all night fire, or offer you gifts that you can take with you into your married life.  This can be done!  I would love to talk with you about whatever it is you’re envisioning and bring it to life so that you are sent off into your marriage filled with the support and wisdom and love of your community.

Healing Rituals

Megan Leaf and Hands.jpgIf you’ve started planning your wedding, you know that not only is the wedding itself a rite of passage, but that even the planning process can stir the pots of our souls, bringing up old stories, new challenges, and ancient longings as material for reflection.

Perhaps as you prepare to marry your beloved, some things need attending to: putting to rest an old relationship; healing from a history of divorce or other childhood trauma; grieving the impending loss of your life as a single person; forgiving yourself or your partner; or whatever it is that is coming up for you.

Rituals are known to alleviate grief, reduce anxiety, and invite new beginnings.   I would be honored to dive into the messiness with you and work with you to create a powerful, cathartic, and above all useful ritual to allow you to free your heart so that you can give it fully to your marriage.


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