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Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves

photo by Sandra Costello Photography | http://www.sandralovesyou.com Last month I had the sweet opportunity to participate in Valley Wed, a curated local wedding show.  Besides it being a beautiful fall day at a quintessential New England apple orchard, the highlight for me was all the open hearted couples I got to meet.  I love hearing about how people are thinking about their weddings and … Read More Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves


All About the Love

We did it!  The Hot Chocolate Run Wedding was a blast.  Jennifer and Shawn raised over $5,000 for Safe Passage, and they looked simply smashing in their running/wedding outfits.  Plus, there were hot chocolate and cookies for everyone! The wedding was both tiny (no attendants, no music, no walking down the aisle), and huge (broadcast over giant speakers to reach 7,000 cheering runners and supporters). … Read More All About the Love

+ Ceremony reconnects us

Reconnecting through ceremony

I believe that ceremony is a powerful tool to reconnect. To reconnect with our own selves, our communities, and the planet.