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A Ceremony for Moving to a New Home

Most of my work is around creating ceremonies to mark those really big human milestones  – the big three: birth, marriage, death.  But lately I’ve been thinking about those lesser life transitions, which may not be quite as momentous, but still have the ability to re-orient the soul. Today I helped a good friend do the final cleaning of her apartment as she completes … Read More A Ceremony for Moving to a New Home


A Celebrant Funeral for Grandpa Bob

This Fall my dear grandfather passed away.  We knew it was coming – his health had been failing gradually for a number of years, then quickly over a couple of weeks.  I brought my family out to see him one more time and we spent the weekend with him.  He wasn’t talking, but I could tell he knew we were there, and his wink … Read More A Celebrant Funeral for Grandpa Bob

A Sweet Summer Baby Welcoming Ceremony

If you don’t have a strong connection to a particular religion – if you don’t want to do a baptism or other traditional religious rite – then how do you mark the birth of your child? How do you ceremonially give them their name? How do you officially welcome them into your family, your community, and the world? Read on for inspiration.