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Engagement Stories

Engagement stories.  Everybody who’s engaged or married has one of some sort.  And they run the gamut from the streetlights-twinkling-snow-sparkling-down-on-one-knee-said-yes-through-my-tears-of-joy classic, to the totally-wrong-moment-I-wasn’t-sure-took-me-a-week-to-answer reality check and everything in between. I love hearing people’s stories and it’s what I love best about my work as a celebrant.  The gem of any custom wedding ceremony I create is when I tell the couple’s story.  Some … Read More Engagement Stories

Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves

photo by Sandra Costello Photography | http://www.sandralovesyou.com Last month I had the sweet opportunity to participate in Valley Wed, a curated local wedding show.  Besides it being a beautiful fall day at a quintessential New England apple orchard, the highlight for me was all the open hearted couples I got to meet.  I love hearing about how people are thinking about their weddings and … Read More Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves

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5 Steps to a Purpose-Full, Regenerative Marriage

    Confession: there’s something about weddings that bugs me. There, I said it.  I know, I know, marrying people is part of how I make my living.  So it’s kind of scary to put this confession out there.  But I am realizing it’s extremely important to put it out there.  And here’s why: Weddings are amazing occasions – wonder-full occasions.  We pour our … Read More 5 Steps to a Purpose-Full, Regenerative Marriage