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Engagement Stories

Engagement stories.  Everybody who’s engaged or married has one of some sort.  And they run the gamut from the streetlights-twinkling-snow-sparkling-down-on-one-knee-said-yes-through-my-tears-of-joy classic, to the totally-wrong-moment-I-wasn’t-sure-took-me-a-week-to-answer reality check and everything in between. I love hearing people’s stories and it’s what I love best about my work as a celebrant.  The gem of any custom wedding ceremony I create is when I tell the couple’s story.  Some … Read More Engagement Stories

Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves

photo by Sandra Costello Photography | http://www.sandralovesyou.com Last month I had the sweet opportunity to participate in Valley Wed, a curated local wedding show.  Besides it being a beautiful fall day at a quintessential New England apple orchard, the highlight for me was all the open hearted couples I got to meet.  I love hearing about how people are thinking about their weddings and … Read More Making Connections, Sharing Our Selves


A Celebrant Funeral for Grandpa Bob

This Fall my dear grandfather passed away.  We knew it was coming – his health had been failing gradually for a number of years, then quickly over a couple of weeks.  I brought my family out to see him one more time and we spent the weekend with him.  He wasn’t talking, but I could tell he knew we were there, and his wink … Read More A Celebrant Funeral for Grandpa Bob


Walking a well-worn path – locating our stories in ancient myths

Finally, as I begin to study ancient myths, I see a framework for my story. And most importantly I see that I am not alone. This path I am on is well worn. There is comfort in that.


Honoring our stories through ceremony

Ceremony “tends the inner landscape” by giving weight to our own stories, making meaning of our transitions, and reminding us that we are not alone.