I believe that every couple deserves a wedding ceremony that’s moving, meaningful, and overflowing with love.  I offer a selection of packages to match your vision, meet your needs, and fit your budget.

I will put together a full quote for you after our initial conversation.  Rehearsals can be arranged based on my availability for $175 (plus travel).

Custom Crafted Wedding Ceremony


The Custom Crafted Wedding Ceremony is perfect for couples who want a super special, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony that feels exactly right because it is, in fact, designed just for you.

It’s built around your stories, your community, your spiritual beliefs and personal values. You feel completely connected to the moment, through words and rituals that really speak to you. Your ceremony is as original as the two of you are.

Through an in-depth interview and written questionnaire process you’ll share your stories and thoughts and vision for your ceremony.

I’ll create your ceremony from scratch so that it incorporates just the right elements, such as your love story, unity ritual, family honoring ritual, honoring children or blending families, and traditions from your cultural and religious backgrounds.

You are completely in charge, and I provide extensive email consultation until the ceremony is exactly how you want it.

The investment for an original, handcrafted Custom Crafted Wedding Ceremony is $895 with 50 miles of travel and includes custom vow creation or guidance with writing your own vows, specially curated reading selections, processional and recessional design, unlimited email consultation, and an outline for your event coordinator and other professionals.

Personalized Wedding Ceremony


The Personalized Wedding Ceremony is perfect for couples who want a sweet and simple ceremony, enriched with your personal touches.

I’ll base your ceremony on my simple, secular wedding outline.  You choose from my favorite vow options or write your own, and add a reading of your own choice.  You may choose from the three unity rituals I offer with this package.  The entire ceremony will be enriched with your own personal touches.

The investment for a Personalized Ceremony is $595 with 50 miles of travel and includes access to my selection of vows and ring vows and an outline for your event coordinator and other professionals.

Sweetheart Elopement Ceremony


The Sweetheart Elopement Ceremony is perfect for couples in and around Ithaca who want a short, private ceremony with just a few special guests (or just the two of you!).  Last minute requests welcome.  Contact me for fee.

Unusual Weddings


Got an idea for an unusual way to get married?  I’m all about it!  Contact me and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Bodas en Español

Se ofrece todas estas opciones en español, incluyendo bodas bilingües.  Favor de comunicarse conmigo para hablar de las posibilidades.

Couples of all identities and orientations joyfully welcomed.

Contact me today for your complimentary ceremony consultation!